With increasing interest rates, land and construction costs, owning a new home continues to climb out of reach for many. Consequently, there is a growing number of people moving to a small, efficient home concept. Whether they are young couples buying their first home, seniors downsizing to have more equity to play within their advancing years or Snow Birds who want to lower their investment in a house they only live in 6 months of the year, small and tiny homes are becoming popular. Particularly true for those who choose to live more consciously to have a small footprint concerning both carbon and consumption.  Many harken back to a simpler lifestyle even as they embrace new smart technologies to aid in this endeavours. Meanwhile, re-purpose, re-cycle and re-use is the mantra of many young adults, as well as seniors.

Research shows that people who are more active, mobile and connected with other people not only stay healthier; they are more productive members of society in general.  Sagebrush intends to offer a neighbourhood that encourages an active, greener, collaborative community lifestyle.

To this end, Bob and Norah Hamilton have big dreams of creating an ideal neighbourhood where they would like to retire themselves.  One where both families and seniors intermix in a recreational cottage resort setting.  A community where children, adults and seniors alike are active, interconnected, creative and involved. A place with breath-taking views of the surrounding valley, gardens, streams, walking paths, a large outdoor kitchen/bbq area, stocked fishing ponds, perhaps a chicken coop, beehives, a chip and putt green, pickleball courts and a variety of eco-friendly activities that a person could partake or ignore.

With 5 of the 10.3-acres developed with 57 small sustainable cottage dwellings, will be located on fee simple lots, while the other 5 acres located in the meadow below would remain recreational and be owned and operated by the Sagebrush Home Association as a barehand condominium parcel. Rosedale would then enjoy a tax base large enough to allow the Town to upgrade Mabbot Rd, put in sidewalks down to the river and develop a quarter acre lot that RAH would provide the Town for a playground and parking.  Thus providing a safer means for children and adults to traverse to the Suspension Bridge and the new Sagebrush Playground.

Sagebrush will also enjoy proximity to the Regional Hospital Centre, excellent schools, some post-secondary education, a large as well as a boutique fitness centre, in addition to numerous stores, tourist attractions and employment opportunities.  The resort would also offer housekeeping and home-away-services for Snow Birds. Meanwhile, the hope is to engender a quaint village vibe for anyone looking for some small town charm while getting out of the big city and its congestion.

RA Hamilton & Associates Inc expects to create a jewel in the heart of Rosedale by grooming the grounds and enhancing the forested area on the north side of the property.  They will beautify the privacy barrier that exists between the acreages on the north side of the property while planting numerous trees throughout, fencing and building a low-speed traffic road around the exterior of the development; RAH will further enhance the privacy for the surrounding community.

Housing Developments tend to take at least 10 years to entirely sell out and mature. RAH is pleased that there will be no basements, nor long-term construction periods as homes will either be Ready to Move or package construction to avoid the noise and dust of a traditional housing development.  From additional amenities available due to a larger population and tax base to the particularly popular market niche for small homes, RA anticipates this development will be a huge asset to the Rosedale Community.


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